L-R: Jennifer Morris, Elizabeth Gaines, Nev Power, Sharon Warburton, Andrew Forrest AO, Jean Baderschneider, Mark Barnaba AM, Penny-Bingham Hall, Cao Huiquan

Fortescue's Board of Directors is responsible to the shareholders for our performance. The Board's focus is to enhance and protect the interests of shareholders and other key stakeholders and to ensure the Company is properly managed. 

Board of Directors

Andrew Forrest AO, Chairman
Mark Barnaba AM, Lead Independent Director
Nev Power, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
Elizabeth Gaines, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director
Jean Baderschneider, Non-Executive Director
Penny Bingham-Hall, Non-Executive Director
Cao Huiquan, Non-Executive Director
Jennifer Morris, Non-Executive Director
Sharon Warburton, Non-Executive Director