Tax Transparency (1000x438)

At Fortescue, we are committed to ensuring communities benefit from the growth and development of our business. Tax payments are an important element of meeting our obligations to the Australian community.

As a proud Australian company, Fortescue operates transparently and in good faith with the Australian Tax Office and seeks to have good working, collaborative relationships with revenue authorities where its business is undertaken.

We are fully compliant with the prevailing tax laws of all jurisdictions which we operate in and are classified as a compliant and low risk taxpayer by all revenue authorities.

Our FY2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report discloses our tax contributions and outlines our comprehensive tax governance framework.

We are proud of our contribution to Australia's economic strength and take our responsibility to pay our fair share of taxes seriously - Fortescue CEO Nev Power

Tax Transparency

Fortescue is committed to transparency across all aspects of our business, including in relation to our tax obligations.

In 2016, the Australian Board of Taxation released a voluntary Tax Transparency Code setting a number of principles and minimum standards to guide additional disclosures of tax information by multinational businesses.

We have adopted this voluntary reporting requirement for our 30 June 2017 tax disclosures.


FY17 Tax Contribution

A$ 2 billion

$6.5 billion since June 2011