Climate Change (1000x438)

At Fortescue, we acknowledge the global challenge that Climate Change poses and are committed to working with the Australian Government, peers and the community to address this issue.

As a business, we accept the science of Climate Change and advice of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. We support the Paris Agreement and the commitment of the Australian Government to take strong domestic and international action on Climate Change.

In recognising the need to plan for and address the impacts of Climate Change, we will work to ensure our operations, assets, employees and local communities are resilient and able to adapt to Climate Change. 

The management of our Climate Change risks and opportunities is integrated into multi-disciplinary Company wide risk management processes. 

​​Our detailed response to Climate Change can be found in our FY2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Emissions Reduction

We are committed to reducing our emissions intensity and investing in low-emission technology to reduce our contribution to Climate Change and impact on the environment. 

Our operations and approach to greenhouse gas emissions is compliant with:

  • Australian Federal Government National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007, and associated guidelines 
  • Carbon Disclosure Project

Since FY15, our greenhouse gas emissions intensity has reduced by 8 per cent.  


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Intensity

8 %

from FY15