Water Management (Landing Page)

The effective management of water resources is fundamental to the sustainability of Fortescue’s operations, the environment and the communities within which the business operates.

We take a proactive approach to responsible water management and as a minimum comply with all relevant water licensing requirements set by Government and industry regulators.

Fortescue monitors groundwater and surface water conditions, local ecosystem and habitat health to ensure that its operations do not significantly impact on the quantity or quality of natural water systems and natural environments. Groundwater monitoring has consistently shown that we do not have a significant impact on natural water sources in the region.

Our mining operations are located adjacent to numerous sensitive and ‘water-related’ receptors including permanent, groundwater fed pools at the Solomon Hub and the Fortescue Marsh, a wetland of national significance adjacent to the Chichester Hub. We are subject to a number of environmental protection obligations, as well as voluntary monitoring programs to measure impacts on these ecosystems.  

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