Health and Safety

At Fortescue, the safety of our people is our number one priority and we strive to be a global leader in safety.    

We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to look out for their mates and themselves. This focus on safety leadership and culture empowers everyone at Fortescue to pause and reassess their task to ensure it is always safe.  

A tiered Health and Safety program ensures a consistent approach to safety management across the business:  

  • Health and Safety Management System 
  • Major Hazard Control Standard Management Program 
  • Life Saving Choices Initiative 
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Blueprint 

At the core of our approach to preventing high risk events is the implementation of our critical control monitoring program. We have an active program of education, training, monitoring and reporting that highlights continuous improvement and learning from experience.

Find out more about our approach to health and safety and 2017 performance.  


Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (FY2017)


33% improvement on FY16

Workplace Diversity

To be the best company we can be, we need the best ideas across every part of our business. The best ideas come from a diverse workforce: teams with a broad range of backgrounds, skills, experience and personalities.  

Fortescue believes that each person has a responsibility to champion diversity and a role to play in cementing Fortescue as an employer of choice for people of all backgrounds.  

Read more about our approach to workplace diversity in our Diversity Policy and FY2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Our Culture (1000x438)

We celebrate and respect our people's differences and are committed to being inclusive at all times.

Gender Diversity 

Fortescue has a proud history of championing Aboriginal diversity. Building on this success, we are committed to increasing female employment in our workforce. 

Importantly, we are leading from the front. In FY17, Fortescue became the first ASX20 company to have five women on the board. Today, the majority of our nine-person Board of Directors are women. In our leadership team, six out of 29 are women, representing 20 per cent of the group.  

In striving to increase our female participation rate, we continue to implement and improve a range of initiatives:

  • Establishment of the Fortescue Family Room
  • Paid parental leave
  • Regular Business Update networking events, hosted by our CEO
  • Fortescue's Trade Up program
  • Flexible working arrangements 
  • Commitment to gender pay equity

Find out more about our FY18 diversity plan.

Click here to view Fortescue's Annual Report to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.  

Feature - Fortescue Family Room

Creating a welcoming and encouraging environment for women directly enhances Fortescue’s success by improving its diversity.

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