Fortescue supports White Ribbon Day on its journey to become an Accredited Workplace

Nov 23, 2018

Fortescue Metals Group (Fortescue) is proud to support White Ribbon Day as Fortescue team members joined the Port Hedland community for the annual White Ribbon Day march.

Having recognised White Ribbon Day since 2015, Fortescue is striving to become a White Ribbon Australia Accredited Workplace.

Chief Executive Officer, Elizabeth Gaines, said, “As an industry leader, we accept our responsibility on important issues such as family violence and we believe that by fostering a safe workplace, we can positively contribute to social change in our community.”

“Importantly, we are empowering our people to stand up, speak out and act to prevent domestic violence consistent with our culture of safety and family values,” Ms Gaines said.

Chief Operating Officer and White Ribbon Ambassador, Greg Lilleyman, joined the Fortescue team in Port Hedland for the community march and is leading the Company’s accreditation process.

“As a business with a majority of male employees, we believe that men have an important role to play alongside women in preventing domestic violence,” Mr Lilleyman said.

“The Accreditation process helps facilitate open and honest conversations about what constitutes domestic violence and provides a framework for engaging with our people through surveys, policy reviews and the implementation of training programs.”

Fortescue has also implemented a new family domestic violence leave policy to help employees who may be impacted by violence in their home. Available to all Fortescue employees, the ten-day paid leave entitlement is designed to assist team members to make arrangements for their safety, or the safety of a family member, to attend court hearings, relocate or access police or counselling services.

In 2016, Fortescue entered a five-year partnership with the Hedland Women’s Refuge which included $25,000 in funding and opportunities to assist the Refuge in a number of activities include the upgrading of their outdoor facility.