Fortescue’s CEO for a Day champions family values

Jan 31, 2019

Fortescue Metals Group’s latest CEO for a Day, Joshua-George Reys, joined Fortescue’s Chief Executive Officer, Elizabeth Gaines and the Core Leadership Team for the launch of the Company’s December FY18 quarterly production report.

Cairns born Joshua has worked in the mining industry as an Excavator Operator for the last four years, and was recruited by Fortescue over a year ago at the Company’s Christmas Creek site. Since then, he has worked closely with his supervisor to build on his leadership skills as part of his involvement in the Leadership Excellence in Aboriginal People (LEAP) program.

Rugby enthusiast and family man, Joshua, credits Fortescue’s emphasis on its unique family values as the key driver to his success in the LEAP program.  

“The program enforces the value of mateship and family and gives you the skills to apply these values in the boardroom setting. The family bond I share with my team is important; working away from our families means we need to take extra care of each other and keep our mates safe on site,” Joshua said.

Ms Gaines said, “We believe that Aboriginal leaders are critical to ensuring a culture that truly supports Aboriginal people. We are proud that seven per cent of leadership positions at Fortescue are held by Aboriginal team members and believe the LEAP program is important as it supports ambitious employees like Joshua with their leadership aspirations.”

“Joshua’s family values are at the core of Fortescue culture. We encourage our people to have the courage and compassion to look out for their mates and themselves and to ensure that everyone goes home from work safely,” Ms Gaines said.

Reflecting on what it is like working at Fortescue, Joshua said, “I feel like I’ve seen every corner of Fortescue. In fact, Andrew Forrest is one of my idols. He has built Fortescue from the ground up and it feels special to be a part of it. I’m excited to see where the next chapter of Fortescue’s innovation journey is headed,” Joshua said.