Outcomes of Fortescue’s Workplace Integrity Review

Oct 27, 2021

Fortescue Metals Group (Fortescue) will implement a number of initiatives to enhance the safety, culture and experience of working at the Company’s operations and workplaces, as a result of feedback from its Workplace Integrity Review.

The Review was launched in July 2021 to directly engage with Fortescue’s workforce and contractors to understand their views about the factors that may contribute to sexual harassment and how Fortescue could enhance and expand upon existing measures to prevent it.

The Review included:

  • An online survey which received close to 2,000 responses
  • 28 focus groups to allow small group discussions with team members
  • Leadership walks across each operational site to identify safety issues
  • Independent review and assessment of current village security and safety measures
  • Contractor Forum hosted with 20 key contracting partners

Appearing before the WA Parliament’s Inquiry into Sexual Harassment Against Women in the FIFO Mining Industry today, Fortescue Chief Executive Officer Elizabeth Gaines said, “Fortescue has a strong culture built on integrity and respect and at the heart of our Values is a focus on family and safety. Sexual harassment is not tolerated and we are committed to eliminating it from our workplace.

“We know that more can always be done to ensure we are providing a safe and secure workplace and through our Workplace Integrity Review, we have gained valuable information and heard about lived experiences directly from our team members. We are listening to what we have been told and we are acting on it,” Ms Gaines said.

In response to the feedback received through the Review, Fortescue will implement the following initiatives in both the short and longer term:

  • Effective 3 November 2021, a limit of no more than four mid-strength alcoholic drinks can be purchased in a 24-hour period across all Fortescue sites
  • A range of enhanced physical safety features at villages are underway
  • New and refreshed training and induction programs regarding workplace culture, behaviour and leadership have been developed
  • A good bystander program, empowering all Fortescue team members to call out behaviour that is not aligned with the Company’s culture and Values
  • New and improved activities and facilities are being implemented in the villages

Ms Gaines said, “Employers in the mining sector have demonstrated time and again that we can be leaders in the field of ensuring workplace safety. There is no reason we cannot also be leaders in preventing workplace sexual harassment.”