Fortescue steps out onto Perth's rainbow sea of colour

Jan 4, 2022

In support of Pride WA’s 2021 PrideFEST, Fortescue team members stepped out onto the rainbow sea of colour to join Perth’s largest ever pride parade.

In 2021, Fortescue became a supporting sponsor of Pride WA, building on the Company’s commitment to support and encourage diversity across the business.

Director Fortescue People, Linda O’Farrell said, “Our refreshed diversity plan embodies our commitment to having a workforce that reflects the communities in which we live.

“It was pleasing to see so many team members take part in the parade to celebrate diversity in all forms. I thank Jackie Oates, Senior Manager Leadership and Engagement and her team who have worked tirelessly in consulting across the business to drive Fortescue’s diversity plan and enable Fortescue’s participation in the 2021 Pride parade,” Ms O’Farrell

Fortescue team member Emma Dellar said, “Being able to be in the parade, proudly supported by and representing our company, is an amazing celebration of the work being done behind the scenes to acknowledge and celebrate diversity within the Fortescue Family.

“Actively participating and supporting Pride WA demonstrates Fortescue is committed to not only improving diversity representation but is working towards a truly inclusive future as well,” she said.

Fortescue has introduced several other initiatives to coincide with Perth’s PrideFEST including colouring its stairs rainbow and painting one of its haul trucks in pride colours, in support of the LGBTIQA+ community. Fortescue has also established the Fortitude Group comprising LGBTIQA+ team members and allies to create a more diverse and inclusive culture at Fortescue.