Share Registry

Fortescue’s share registry is managed by Link Market Services Limited. If you are a shareholder and have questions regarding your holding, please contact the registry: 

Link Market Services Limited
QV1 Building, Level 12
250 St Georges Terrace 
Perth WA 6000

Postal Address: 
Locked Bag A14
Sydney South NSW 1235

Telephone: 1300 733 136
Facsimile: +61 2 9287 0309

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Fortescue Metals Group Ltd’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan provides shareholders with the option to automatically reinvest some or all their dividends in additional Fortescue shares. 

Participation in the DRP is entirely optional and all shareholders with an Australian or New Zealand address on the Fortescue register of members are eligible to participate. 

Shareholders without an Australian or New Zealand address may only participate at the absolute and unfettered discretion of the Directors. 

A copy of the DRP Rules and Frequently Asked Questions can be accessed here.