Empowering Aboriginal people

Fortescue is proud to be one of Australia's largest employers of Aboriginal people and we believe the power of economic opportunity through training, employment and business development is the key driver of long term, sustainable engagement.



Building business capabilities

Fortescue’s Billion Opportunities program is an initiative that promotes sustainable business opportunities for Aboriginal people by building the capability and capacity of Aboriginal businesses. Since its commencement in 2011, the program has awarded 284 contracts and subcontracts worth more than A$2.3 billion to 117 Aboriginal businesses.

This program forms a critical element of our approach to ensuring economic opportunity and participation through Native Title agreements.

The Billion Opportunities program is complemented by a range of additional practical measures introduced to provide Aboriginal businesses with the tools to build value and sustainability which in turn creates employment and development opportunities.

In 2017, Fortescue partnered with the ANZ Bank to initiate a A$50 million funding scheme to allow eligible Aboriginal businesses to access finance at a competitive rate. Fortescue acts as the guarantor, eliminating the need for the Aboriginal business to provide security. The Aboriginal business owns the assets at the expiry of the contract which gives them the ability to use the assets as security in the future.

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Card - Aboriginal Procurement
Card - Billion Opportunities

We are proud to help Native Title groups build sustainable futures through economic opportunity.

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Creating employment opportunities

Card - Aboriginal Employment Opportunities

Fortescue has a proud history of championing Aboriginal employment and strives to provide training, employment and development opportunities for Aboriginal people.

A range of initiatives are available to assist Aboriginal people to gain employment and achieve their career goals with Fortescue.

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Aboriginal Employment Opportunities

Vocational Training and Employment Centres
Fortescue's Trade Up
Youth education initiatives
Career development and support
Personal and family support


Addressing Aboriginal disparity

Fortescue’s operations provide a unique opportunity to empower Aboriginal people and help bring about generational change for Aboriginal people. 

Addressing key challenges facing Aboriginal communities is the foundation of our partnerships with Aboriginal corporations, which has delivered a number of projects that focus on addressing challenges facing Aboriginal communities. 

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Addressing Aboriginal Disadvantage

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