Aboriginal Heritage (Landing Page)

The identification and management of Aboriginal heritage is fundamental to Fortescue’s approach to sustainable operations and our commitment to protect and promote Aboriginal history and culture.  

Fortescue continues to build on its strong, long-standing relationships with Native Title Partners across the Pilbara. We have Land Access Agreements (LAAs) in place with seven Native Title groups in the Pilbara region:

  • Kariyarra 
  • Palyku 
  • Nyiyaparli  
  • Martu Idja Banjima  
  • Eastern Guruma 
  • Puuti Kunti Kuruma Pinikura 
  • Njamal 

We also work closely with the Wirlu-murra Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation (WMYAC) as a representative of Yindjibarndi Traditional Owners.  

In 2015, Fortescue commenced negotiations with several Native Title Partners to convert the earliest LAAs, executed in 2005, to Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs).

The first of the ILUAs, between Fortescue and the Nyiyaparli People, was registered by the National Native Title Tribunal (NNTT) in December 2016. Under the Agreement, which relates to the Company’s Christmas Creek mine operations, Fortescue will work even more closely with the Nyiyaparli People to identify and deliver community and business development opportunities.

Fortescue expects to convert the remaining Land Access Agreements into ILUAs with most native title partners through FY18.

Working adjacent to known heritage areas presents a unique opportunity for employees and contractors to better understand, respect and promote Aboriginal history, heritage and culture. In consultation with Native Title partners, we deliver a comprehensive program of cross cultural and heritage education.  

Fortescue’s inaugural sustainable heritage report for 2017 will be published in January 2018, detailing positive outcomes achieved in approvals, compliance and project activities.  

Find out more about Fortescue’s approach to identifying and managing Aboriginal heritage.


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