Fortescue's Suppliers

Strong relationships with our partners are essential to achieving our aim to become the safest, lowest cost, most profitable mining company. We work collaboratively with new and existing suppliers to drive innovation and build capability to achieve these objectives.


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It is the objective of Procurement to achieve value for money and maximise supplier performance in procurement activities to assist Fortescue in achieving its corporate objectives.


As a signatory to the Business Council of Australia’s Australian Supplier Payment Code, Fortescue is committed to paying our small business suppliers on-time and within 30 days of receiving a correct invoice and to working with suppliers to improve invoicing and payments practices.


Eligible small businesses based in the Pilbara and Aboriginal businesses nation-wide are also able to apply for 14-day payment terms.


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Becoming a Fortescue supplier

Fortescue requires our suppliers to embrace and comply with our Policies and Procedures, with all new suppliers required to complete vendor pre-qualification.


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If your business is interested in becoming a supplier of goods or services to Fortescue, please register your interest here. Please include a profile of the products or services offered by your business and how it meets local content or Aboriginal engagement objectives. 


If your business is local to the Pilbara, Fortescue regularly searches the ICN and epilbara databases for local suppliers to participate in tender opportunities.


Local procurement

Ensuring our mining operations benefit local communities is central to Fortescue’s vision and values and we facilitate the fulfilment of this commitment by giving preference to suppliers who demonstrate either local content or Aboriginal engagement.

For local content, the order of preference is for Pilbara-based, followed by Australian-based suppliers. Preference will be given to suppliers that are Aboriginal-owned, engage Aboriginal businesses (including native title groups) or provide other benefits to Aboriginal communities.


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Human Rights

Fortescue has made a public commitment to ensure there is no slavery or forced labour used in the operations of our suppliers and their business partners.


Suppliers are expected to put in place all the necessary processes, procedures, investigations and compliance systems to ensure their supply chain does not include, condone or allow for slavery or forced labour.


Find out more about the business-wide policies and processes we are using to detect and prevent instances of human rights abuse here.


Click here to view Fortescue’s Human Rights Policy



Fortescue is committed to online commercial transactions which deliver shared efficiencies and automation opportunities.


Suppliers are encouraged to participate in online sourcing events, such as tenders or auctions, and conduct common business transactions online, such as purchase orders and invoices.


Our terms and conditions below apply for all online tender and auction sourcing events.


Click here to view Fortescue’s Conditions of Tender

Click here to view the Reverse Auction Terms and Conditions



Suppliers are issued a purchase order to authorise the provision of goods and services, at a stated specification, quantity and price. Purchase orders apply the relevant standard Terms and Conditions, unless expressly stated on the purchase order.



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Fortescue has automated invoicing in place and prefers all invoices to be submitted electronically or via email.

Invoices are automatically rejected where a valid purchase order has not been referenced or where the quantity or price exceeds that for which the purchase order authorises.


Click here to view the Invoice Process for Vendors Fact Sheet