The Fortescue family

Fortescue is a values-based business with a strong, differentiated culture that is maintained and strengthened through our leaders and every team member. 

Safety is our number one priority and we focus on building safety leadership and a culture that empowers each person to look out for their mates. We strive to be an employer of choice and implement programs and incentives to attract, develop, challenge and retain our people. 

Health and Safety

At Fortescue, we acknowledge our activities have the potential to expose our employees, contractors and communities to health and safety risks and work diligently to identify these risks and ensure adequate controls are in place to mitigate them.

Safety is both a Value and our number one priority and our leaders are focussed on creating a culture that empowers each person to look out for their mates and themselves. Every team member working on Fortescue sites is empowered to take the time to assess each task to ensure it is safe before proceeding.

Fortescue has established a program of education, coaching, training, monitoring and reporting to encourage continuous improvement and is actively engaged with industry and regulators at both a local and global level.

The prevention of high-risk events is managed through the implementation of a critical control monitoring program, where critical control audits are conducted by leadership teams to ensure these controls are in place and effective.



Safety Culture

Fortescue conducts an annual Safety Excellence and Culture Survey to engage with employees and contractors and identify further opportunities to improve our unique safety culture.

In FY20, the survey was completed by over 96 per cent of employees and contractors.



Fortescue engages with employees and contractors to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

We recognise the growing importance of mental health and the significant impact mental health illnesses can have on the wider community and have a Mental Health and Wellbeing Blueprint which outlines a comprehensive approach to effectively manage the health and wellbeing of team members.

To support employees on their journey to better health, Fortescue introduced Health inSite in 2018 - an online health and wellbeing resource that provides tailored information and advice to employees.

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Workplace Diversity

Our People - Female Employment Rate Our People - Female Employment (Manager and above)

Fortescue is committed to building and maintaining a workplace that is diverse and inclusive of all people. 

To be the best company we can be, we need to harness the very best ideas across every part of our business and empower our workforce to collaborate across all levels. The best ideas come from a diverse workforce who have a broad range of backgrounds, skills, experience and personalities and who are supported and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Fortescue has a proud history of championing gender diversity and in 2019 signed the global ParityPledge to bring gender parity to the highest levels of our business by committing to interview at least one qualified woman for every executive position. 

In striving to increase our female participation rate, Fortescue continues to implement and improve a range of practical initiatives:

  • Establishment of the Fortescue Family Room in Perth
  • Introduction of in-home childcare in Port Hedland 
  • Paid parental leave
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Commitment to gender pay equity
  • Provision of training and professional development opportunities, including:
    • Fortescue’s Trade Up and Vocational Training and Employment Centres
    • Leadership and Excellence in Aboriginal People training program
    • Culture, leadership and career resiliency training programs




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Our inclusive, diverse culture has strongly influenced Fortescue’s industry leading performance

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